The Idea Behind a FREE Membership

NIWEE’s first goal is to help 100 Indigenous women launch and/or grow a business of their choice in the next 3-years. The average Canadian has recently become aware of the realities of life imposed on Indigenous peoples in decades and centuries past.
In addition to her realities as an Indigenous woman, there is also the deep-rooted gender inequality, and sexist attitudes persisting. It impacts women’s entrepreneurial success. Ask any entrepreneur, she’ll tell you about the economic and social barriers she faces.
But a saving grace is that we are human, Indigenous and non-Indigenous women. Together we can contribute to eliminating barriers to entrepreneurship for women, reducing economic inequalities and increasing freedom for all women.

Join the NIWEE ecosystem, access all content, and bring your voice to forums and discussions. Together we’ll share ideas and grow and sustain successful businesses; let’s redefine our future for ourselves, our family and our community.

As members, let’s impose ourselves with two conditions: let’s bring our love for entrepreneurship to our virtual circle with a good heart and have respect for each other.

If those conditions are acceptable and if you are interested in business ownership and in the capacity to participate in the economy fully.
Let’s make the world a better place together.

The Members Ecosystem

Key Components


NIWEE Members

Bring together all NIWEE Members, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous women to discuss openly and respectfully business issues, ideas and experiences.  Build an online team ecosystem that inspires and motivates. 



Grandmother Moon Fellowships
Entrepreneurship Courses

NIWEE courses were  co-created to help Indigenous women interested in an ‘Entrepreneur Business Modeling course’ and a ‘Start-up and Scaling Business Initiative course.’ The courses are embedded in a platform that marries both Indigenous and Western world views and Indigenous ways of learning.



Mastering Your Start-up
 Flip Mag is published bi-monthly. 

It features:

– Articles on Business Challenges

– Forecast on the Future of an industry

– Articles on an organization’s value chain & interconnected activities


 Ecosystem Events

Business Minded
Women Entrepreneurs’ Challenges
How She Does It
Indigenous Cultures and Women’s Rights

Produce at regular intervals are series of events, panel discussions, webinars, and more.

Please Note

Indigenous women recipients of a Grandmother Moon Fellowship have access to 1,2,3 and 4

All other NIWEE members have access to all content and activities in  1, 3 and 4
Diverse Group of Women
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