Business Opportunities

Business Collaboration

NIWEE is developing relationships with Allied corporations and seeks opportunities for our Indigenous entrepreneurs. We aim to help generate connections to help our entrepreneurs build business networks.

Finding business opportunities often starts with having a better understanding of the people who matter most.

NIWEE, thanks its business coaches, volunteer subject matter experts and allies, will start conversations with potential new supporters and introduce it’s Mother Moon Fellowships. NIWEE will do its utmost to see who is talking about issues important from our learners and prospective entrepreneurs. Exploring the possibilities of linkage with those people already in the market place. Let’s find out who is interested in working on the same things as NIWEE’s entrepreneurs.

There are many potential partnerships, research, marketing, distribution, sales and more. A good partnership should accelerate cash flow, increase revenue, and reduce costs. To succeed, you must engage and build relations of trust. These relations must be built on solid business principles and be a win-win for all partners. Let’s share successes and ideas and create new partnerships to get more done.